Build, run, and manage code-first composites on Kubernetes

Cellery is a code-first approach to building, integrating, running and managing composite microservice applications on Kubernetes. Build, push/pull, run, scale and observe composites. Secure APIs by default. Code in any language.

Why use Cellery?

Create and Combine

Cellery simplifies creating composite microservice apps. Use code instead of YAML to build, test and deploy composites on Kubernetes.

Secure Building Blocks

Cellery brings clear structure to composite applications, using secure APIs and dependency management. Single sign-on, tokens and mTLS by default.

Develop and Operate

Cellery is designed around agile development teams and DevOps practices. Push, pull and run composite apps in a single step. Use any language to write your microservices.

Manage and Observe

Update and rollback cells. Cellery shows your composites as diagrams. At runtime these diagrams automatically become observable with monitoring and tracing.

How does Cellery work?